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Samir Abid - race engineer and data consultant
Samir Abid MBA CEng

Performance Engineer | educator | podcaster

It’s not about the data! Want to close the gap between data promises and business results? I can help.

Samir Abid is a leading advisor to corporations and professionals on how to maximise the value of their data.

With over 20 years of experience in the motorsports and automotive industry, he has worked with top organisations including Aston Martin, Multimatic Motorsports and Jaguar Land Rover. He has also consulted extensively as a business intelligence and performance engineer within professional sports – developing analytics products that have contributed to over 30 gold medal-winning Olympic teams.

In addition to his work in industry, Samir has created an online motorsports platform called Your Data Driven. This offers courses, spreadsheets, driver coaching, and a successful podcast to help amateur race drivers use objectivity to improve their performance.

Samir holds an MBA and a B.Eng. (Hons) in Engineering and currently teaches on the top-ranked MBA program at Warwick Business School. He has a wealth of experience and a track record of success in data-driven environments. He is skilled at breaking down complex problems and providing clear, actionable insights to help organisations achieve their objectives (see below.)

What project can Samir help you with today?

Samir is available for consulting and speaking opportunities. Email him at or connect via Linkedin.

Performance Engineering in numbers

Highly experienced working with senior leadership teams who are not confident with data.

41 gold medalS,
54 race wins,
1 world record,
1000’s of man hours saved,
1000’s of better decisions made.

6 ways you can improve your relationship with data…

Clear Goals

Establishing clear goals and objectives is not easy. Ask yourself, what does success look like for you and work back from there.

Quality Data

Garbage in. Garbage out. One of the biggest jobs in data is making sure your data is trustworthy. How reliable are your data sources and what 1 thing can you today do to improve that?

In-house Skills

No-one was born with data skills. Most people learn them on-the-job, with very little formal help or training. What data skills would make a transformational difference if your team could do them tomorrow?

Effective Analysis

Interpreting what you can measure and turning it into something you can action, requires a commitment of resources. What do you need to do to get these in place?

Minimised Complexity

Data offers you so many possibilities but it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Pick one requirement. Identify 3 smaller chunks that go into this and start there.

Seamless Integration

To get a holistic view of business performance you need to bring together data from multiple sources. Pick two sources. Identify what is stopping them playing nicely together and then create a pilot project to work out how to fix it.

Rob McCracken – Performance Director of GB Boxing
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“Performance transformation involves conducting well designed experiments to learn and consistently improve. Start today.”

Samir Abid