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Samir Abid

Samir Abid with head phones

Samir Abid is all about performance.

With over 20 years’ experience, Samir has proactively adopted and applied new tools and technology to deliver innovative projects across three industries.

As an automotive engineer, Samir worked on road and racing cars for over a decade. Highlights include leading the team at MIRA, winning Daytona, and designing the acclaimed VH suspension platform for the Aston Martin DB9.

After his Warwick MBA, Samir Abid set up sports engineering consultancy Pace Insights. Growing quickly, they eventually served over 35 elite sports teams globally. Samir helped senior leadership teams and practitioners to improve their organisational performance by using their data more effectively – think “marginal gains meets business intelligence,”

Today, Samir helps thousands of amateur motorsports enthusiasts drive faster and set up their cars with confidence. His online academy, Your Data Driven, delivers courses, tools, and even a podcast. The theme is learning from the pros and helping members solve their issues with their limited resources—simplifying complexity, analysing data, and designing experiments so they learn faster than anyone else in the paddock.

Fun facts:

  • The Your Data Driven Podcast has been download 10’s of thousands of times.
  • Of the hundreds of graduates from Samir’s “Master Your Tyres” course, ALL have said “A-ha!” and/or “Holy s*it, I wish I knew that before…”
  • All 7 of the drivers Samir coached in 2022/23 achieved success including some combination of first podium, first win, first pole, and first championship (now second championship in 23!).
  • If his sports consultancy customers had collectively been a country, they would have ranked 5th overall at the Rio Olympics.
  • Kipchoge was the first man to run a marathon distance in less than 2 hours, beating it by 20 seconds. The INEOS 1:59 team credited Samir with 8 of those seconds. #niceline
  • With over a decade (and counting) of experience supervising Warwick MBA dissertations, over 65% of his students have achieved a distinction.
  • Samir Abid is a long time club-level racing driver in the UK, working his way from the very (very) back, to the front several times.
  • You will often hear him saying “You don’t learn from experience. You learn from experiments.” followed by, “So, how do we design a good experiment to help you?”

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