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Samir Abid MBA CEng

Samir Abid
Struggling to make data work for your business?

I’m Samir Abid, your strategic partner on how you can use motorsports approaches and mindset to improve your business.


Why You Need Me

Facing misaligned objectives, data in silos, or analysis paralysis? I offer a fresh perspective, practical solutions, and the assurance you need to transform your data woes into actionable strategy.


10 years in motorsports/automotive with giants like Aston Martin. A decade running a data consulting business for Olympic and pro sports teams. Currently, I run an online business empowering thousands of drivers worldwide. MBA-holder & Warwick Business School faculty.

Your Next Steps

Book a “Data Insight Hour“—a 60-min session to jump-start your data strategy. Discuss your challenges, receive instant advice, and get a follow-up summary with action steps. Follow this up with a short discovery project to identify targeted solutions for your business.

Connect With Samir Abid

Ready for a data-driven transformation?
Reach out to Samir Abid on LinkedIn.

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