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Samir Abid

MBA Chartered Engineer B.Eng.(Hons)
Founder Pace Insights & YourDataDriven

Samir Abid is a leading advisor to corporations and professionals on how to maximise the value of their data.

An engineer, Samir has spent over 20 years working with the most prevalent organisations within motorsports, automotive and elite sports. He has successfully delivered on globally recognised projects for brands such as Aston Martin, UK Sport and INEOS.

Working with senior leadership teams, Samir specialises in enabling people to translate the jargon, simplify the complexity and actually achieve meaningful business outcomes using objectivity.

Samir has developed business benchmarking approaches to clearly define data strategy, gaps and targets. He has created analysis products that resulted in gold medal winning Olympic teams re-inventing their training programmes. He has used advanced GPS topology analysis to determine the optimum racing line to enable the worlds greatest ever endurance runner to make history.

An entrepreneur, Samir Abid created an online business during lockdown.Your Data Driven simplifies Formula 1 level engineering, tools and approaches for the amateur racing driver. Samir combined his race engineering knowledge with his experience as a teacher on the no. 1 ranked distance learning MBA programme at Warwick Business School. Tens of thousands of drivers from all over the world now benefit each week, from his driver coaching, articles, courses and motorsports podcast show.

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Dave Crosbee, Performance Director, VIS Australia
Rob McCracken – Performance Director of GB Boxing
Robby Ketchell: Performance Scientist, INEOS 159 Challenge

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