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Ice cool consulting

The most popular pages on my blog are the ones tagged “ice” !

I am interested to know what people are looking for when they look in so I can at least tell them – at the moment I have no idea :)

It could be because there has been ice on the car recently or that people are looking for information on In-Car-Entertainment systems or (hopefully!) they could be looking for some ice cool consulting work.

If it is the latter please visit my consulting website, contact me and we can go from there. Otherwise, please comment on this post and I can make sure you are getting the information you want.

Thanks for stopping by!

Land Rover Sales up?

The country has ground to a halt as snow has descended and councils have run out of salt (that incidentally lowers the freezing point of water to stop ice forming.)  Even life at WBS has been effected as Marketing class this week has been delayed because of snow interrupted flights for the professor.


Those who have hung onto their 4×4’s must have been happy however.  Lets hope this prolonged cold spell has improved sales for my friends at Land Rover.

It is the PoM individual assignment hand-in day today.  For many the cancellation of Marketing will have been a blessing in disguise!  I managed to get mine done towards the end of last week and quite enjoyed the exercise, once I got into it.   The team survey was really very revealing, even for our team that gets on really well.

Ice on the car and in the lecture

Today term 2 started and the studying is back with a bang. Everyone seems to have had a good break such that some looked a little shell shocked to be sitting in the lecture theatre again. We had a couple of engagements over the festive period so big congratuations to those guys!

Marketing Strategy had the pleasure (!?) of being the first lecture on the Monday morning but it was very interesting and looks like being a good follow on from last terms session; lots of new ideas and the focus well and truly on the strategy and value proposition rather than the “Marcoms” – word for the day already.

ice-cubesManagement of Change is the other module for Monday and it is also looking very interesting. The Ice Cubes being an indication of the theory (from 1940’s) that suggests the connection with unfreezing, changing and then refreezing as basis theory for managing change – I could certainly have done with some unfreezing this morning at 7am !