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Entrepreneurial Finance begins …

cartoon4The long awaited entrepreneurial finance course begins tomorrow.  We have our seating plan and have had a good go at all the pre-reading and case reviews.  The work was hard to fit in around the other commitments but I enjoyed it.

Updates to follow on whether the course is as good as I have been told.

Hope everyone had a great break over Easter.  Summer is on the way and chilli progress is promising …


beach-1Next week we have (another round of) exams and where I have four, others have only 2.

Revision however is going well so far, after a fairly shaky start to Corporate Finance, everything is now much clearer.

The MBA definately gives back the more you put into it and you are not spoon fed.  This has come as an annoyance and shock to some at first but really what can you expect.  There is an interesting dycotomy however, as they are paying significantly for something that they may not actually get in the end i.e. the MBA ticket.  It is therefore interesting to see the different reactions to that, especially when exams, projects and jobs are being discussed, as they are all really tough.

The Ball organisation is coming together too, with one of my friends leveraging his girlfriends expertise in such matters – it is going to be great.  Doing different things like this really brings out talents in people you may never have happend upon – the discovery of mastery negotiation skills in one friend, for example, has been truely impressive!

We are going to take advantage of the garden this summer so went out and got some garden stuff this morning.  The highlight being (I hope!) the grow your own chilli’s … check back for chill growing progress!

Good luck to all those who are racing this weekend and to those of us left who are revising.