A sad day for Motorsport – Dan Wheldon dies

Dan Wheldon died yesterday challenging for a $5m prize. The two time Indy 500 winner, and former champion, was without a drive this season. He put a deal together for one race, the famous Indy 500, earlier this year and promptly won it when rookie JR Hildebrand slid into the wall on the final corner. On the back of this success and the failure of the series promoter to line up an all-star driver line-up for his $5m Las Vegas prize pot, Wheldon was given the challenge. Starting from the back, if Wheldon won then he would get the prize and split half of it with one lucky fan. Unfortunately it seems he was an innocent party in the second part of a multi-car pile-up during lap 12 of the race. A Brit abroad, he was popular throughout the paddock and leaves a wife and two young children.

A fitting post is here for those interested to know more about his life.

Indy canceled the race and conduced this 5 lap salute to their former champion.

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