Exam Success!!

happy-successThe exam and module results have been released today.  It is always a nervy time when you open the letter to read the results; it was great to be with some fellow students as we all opened them together.

This term I did better than last term!

I am really pleased. Firstly I passed everything, which is not to be underestimated as it was a very busy period at the end of last term.  Made slightly more busy for me as I was also involved in organising the Ball.

I managed to get distinctions in 3 (nearly 5!) out of 5 subjects; Corporate Finance, Modelling & Analysis for Management and Practise of Management – that was for the charity work we did with Age Concern.  The other two subjects were Marketing Strategy and Strategic Advantage.   My course work for these two was enough but, even with my best ever exam essay performances (!!), the exams were still what let me down from completing the full sweap.

Life on the MBA contines at a different pace these days.  I have just completed the module on Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation and it was excellent – watch out you Entreprenueurs out their as I need a victim sorry, candidate, to interview for the assignment.  The course had a good number of guest speakers who all brought their unique view of Entrepreneurship; academic, business owner and venture capitalist investor.  

Next week is the last taught week on the MBA for me and for many.  The course is International Business and I have heard it is excellent.  It is going to be another sad time I fear for life in lecture room A0.01 will come to an end.  It is the last module for a few people too, so we are organising a BBQ for the class for when it finishs, as a final farewell, until Graduation.  What a fantastic roller coaster it has been.

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