The MBA week 8.

There hasn’t been so much comment on the MBA course of late, so here is an update.  Firstly I can’t believe it is week 8 already.  We are super busy with many modules converging with presentations in the next few days.  There is the conclusion of Practise of Management, a module that I feel I have got a lot from working with our Charity organisation and where we have really made a small difference to working life.  We will have another Dragons Den experience with this and this time I am presenting!

The MAM module has just handed out a case study.  The idea is to be a critical customer of a model given to you as a manager in a report.  Our case is quite topical as it presents a model to equate credit ratings to likely default on mortgage payments!  There will be plenty to go at then.  The assessment did cause some confusion however as it was not clear on the weightings – I suspect it was rushed together at the last minute.

Today I have my first Entrepreneurial Finance meeting.  Luckily my whole group is on campus – the syndicate groups are a mix of distance, exec and full time MBA students. This should be a great benefit and I am looking forward to meeting my new team.  The first submission for this is a week Friday, then every Friday for the next 4 weeks.  It is full on, especially as these hand ins won’t be assessed and they go over exam week for us.

Strategy yesterday was a great class.  We covered a whirlwind tour of Mergers & Acquisitions and then had a debate on the case: Nestle v Rowntree’s.  It was good as our team had to role play Rowntree’s, another Nestle.  Made for an interesting session and something quite different to the norm.

In both Marketing and Management of Change Innovation and Entrepreneurship was covered.  This was a great couple of sessions and it was good to get right under the how and the why on this subject that is close to my heart.

A couple of us on the Student Staff Liaison Committee have also been working hard on putting together an end of term Ball for the class.  We have as small budget from the fee’s the class has paid.  The plan is coming together nicely and it should be a great event if we can pull it off amungst all our other commitments.

Finally, the modules this term seem to be delivering but I have to say looking back, the first few weeks were a little light this term and now it is nearly all over.

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